Now that we are coming into the Winter months, it is important for our club to collect light fees in a straightforward and reliable way. To achieve this we are updating the booking system so that lights fees are collected as part of the court booking process. This works by adding credit to your account, and each time you book a court at night €4 is automatically deducted. If you cancel a booking in advance, the €4 is refunded.

It is planned to roll out this change from Monday 6th November. If you wish you can add credit to your account in advance of this date.

We would encourage all members to add credit to their account before this goes live so you are able to book courts for the evening slots without any delay.

Before activating, a run through:

1.Member who wants to book courts 1-4 after dark (booking system knows our location / sunset hours automatically) will be required to have credit on their account to cover the fee e.g. €4

2.Member will need to add credit to their account by logging in to booking system and going to Manage Account. From there, a new section below will allow members to add credit via credit card (Stripe), a minimum top up of €10 applies.

3.When member books court that needs a lights fee, €4 will automatically be taken. If a member cancels booking before the date/time the €4 gets returned as credit.

4.If making a booking during daylight hours, there will of course be no fee deducted. If you only intend on playing during daylight there is no need to add credit.

Any questions, please email or contact a member of the management committee.